Typical septic systems contain a "leach field." This is an area of soil that receives partially-treated wastewater from a septic tank through a series of perforated pipes or chambers. A septic system receive wastewater and remove pollutants and other harmful substances before returning the water to the environment. The function of a leach field is to remove viruses and bacteria from wastewater so that it is safe when it returns to groundwater supplies.  

There are a number of situations that can cause leach fields to malfunction and require septic repair.

Signs that a leach field is failing or has failed completely and requires replacement or repair include (but are not limited to): The emission of unpleasant odors from the area of the field or leakage of liquid (effluent) on the surface. 

Problems can occur because a leach field has been improperly constructed, or because it has been placed in an area where the soil does not have enough capacity to absorb large volumes of water. However, even when a leach field has been constructed properly, poor practices and a lack of maintenance can still lead to failure.

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